Raising the Bar

1430 Q is the first in the United States to go this tall on a wood-frame structure. While five-story wood buildings are becoming more prevalent, D & S Development has broken a glass ceiling in construction engineering and created the tallest wood frame building at 85ft. tall, including 6 levels of livable space framed in wood over a 2 story concrete podium. You could live in this piece of history.
Right in your backyard in Sacramento, 1430 Q was able to do something that will help solve the housing crisis in California. Midsize cities like Sacramento face many housing challenges. The demand for housing currently outpaces the units being built in California. For smaller cities though, the demand does not justify a high-rise, because it is unaffordable in our smaller markets. Local developers have been hamstringed to 4-story wood framed buildings in California. The  technique pioneered by our development team could potentially add 2 floors of livable space to every new multifamily housing project in California.
We used state of the art fireproofing and engineering to get special approval from the California Fire Marshall. This building could only be built because it takes 2-hours for a fire to burn through one wall. Providing tenants with the highest standards of fire safety.
D & S Development has learned to innovate and adapt to the regulations that hinder development but keep Californians safe, and we are proud of that.
Learn more about the engineering behind this building; read our Alternate Means and Methods Request (AMMR).